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"Remembering the past to rebuild the future "  

Our Vision

The mission of the Multi-Ehnic Sports Hall of fame is to broaden and enhance the public's understanding of multi-ethnic history and the role that diversity and cultural tolerance plays in the growth of professional sports. The Hall of Fame recognizes and honors pioneers in professional sports who have contributed to furthering equality, diversity, and cultural humility. 

MESHOF promotes peace and humanity by linking multiethnic professional sports with  educational opportunities for our young people. Our vision is to impart upon these students the courage and wisdom gained from sports heroes who paved the way for tolerance, inclusion and equality.

The future is nothing without the past




The Mission of the Multi- Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame is to broaden the public’s understanding of African American/Ethnic history and the role of diversity and cultural tolerance in the growth of professional sports.

The Hall of Fame gives the world the opportunity to better understand the impact African American and other ethnic groups throughout the world have had on American sports and society.


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